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We have no idea what tomorrow brings. Enjoy the people that make your life what it is. Tell them you love them whenever you can. Do things that make you happy. Don’t do things that make you question your self worth. Grow. Learn. Say Sorry. Remember that people judge you by their own standards. Ask the questions that are hard to ask and listen to the answers. Respect your health. Remember every moment is a new beginning. Cuddle and kiss the people you love often. Take chances. Reach out to long lost friends you care about. Stand up for what you believe in. Take an interest in the world around you and remember you have a voice. Floss. Make changes in your life for you, not to appease anyone else. Don’t let anyone else be your reason for happiness or your reason for sadness. Remember your own strength and confidence is true beauty. Do something for someone else. Explore the boundaries of your comfort zone often. Enjoy the journey. 

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‘C’s week: a ‘nice’ guy; welcome to Acid Reflux and The Women’s March

Good Morning! It’s ‘C’ again here…it’s been a week since my last post so I thought I should update you. Truth is I met a guy, fell in love and have just not been arsed with anyone for the last week. Bollocks. I wish. No I’m still very single and now with a pain in my heart….literally. So here’s the weeks recap:

1) Remember I had the date that I really just couldn’t be arsed with ? Well long story short, we met up and he was a perfectly nice guy and we shared a very pleasant tapas and glass of wine. (Actually the meal was delicious and it was the perfect date place, Barafina, Dean Street, Soho. It was bustling, a large single counter surrounding the masterful chefs at work and every mouthful was scrumptious) We followed this up with a milkshake a chocolate waffle at some nearby diner. Like I say he was a nice guy and we had the usual chats about life views, dating, politics, family, religion etc….but I turned into a very pleasant and ‘nice’ ‘C’ with him…..but I’m not ‘nice’…I’m inappropriate, on the edge out outright rude, I like to see how people react to my comments but with this guy I didn’t even try any because I knew it was not the appropriate situation. I don’t want a ‘nice’ guy! It made me think back to my ex who I miss more and more these days because our first date was explosive energy and it’s made me believe that such a connection does exist. I don’t want to settle for ‘nice.’ Nevertheless since I don’t exactly have men knocking down my door, I’m still in touch with him and it’s all ‘nice’. 😒 #boreoff To be honest, I’m seriously losing interest in this whole dating malarkey. I do have people asking me out for a drink here and there but I find myself having ZERO interest and just not responding. It not fair on other people but I just have no appetite for anyone right now and to be honest the thought of sex is massively unappealing. After several months of being ungroomed, it will have to be someone out of this world to make me want to start trimming my fur. I’ve seriously grown attached to this beard 😂 ….turns out I’m not alone. I was discussing this with one of my besties ‘D’ the other day and she started recounting a story from earlier this week which involved her standing in the shower, twirling her vagina hair thinking ‘when did this become normal,’……I mean, we’ve all been there. 😂

2) Pretty stressful week at work because I work with some absolute (what’s the best word to describe them?) ahhh yes, cunts. Anyway, on Tuesday midday I could feel a pain in my chest and it was painful to breathe and I couldn’t catch a full breath. I thought that it may have been related to my back and/or chest, because I do have huge boobs at 32F which I envisage as one day as going to give me trouble (I already seen a consultant frequently because I’m forever finding lumps but luckily all benign.) That evening a friend of mine left the company so I went for a celebratory beer or two with him and some folks after work. I was home relatively early, ate some food, watched some vacuous TV and then fell asleep with the pain still there. At 2am, I awoke with a massive pain in my heart, difficulty breathing and I honestly thought I was on the verge on having a heart attack. I rang ‘111’ – which is the non emergency equivalent to 999, whereby they tell you IF you should go to A&E or hold on for a doctor the next day etc. I rang them and told them my symptoms and they said they were sending an ambulance. I immediately said no, I will get a taxi because I didn’t want to drain resources and also I felt an ambulance was OTT but made me realise the seriousness of what I was feeling. I ran into ‘the helps’ room (my Mexican housemate) and told her what had happened. Without hesitation she jumped out of bed, threw on her clothes and came with me. I will always be thankful for this – it’s amazing how being ill and in an emergency situation can highlight how lonely and alone you are. At 33, I should have my husband taking me in the car and holding my hand. Instead I’m calling an uber and thinking that I should call my family and my ex to tell that how much I love them. Nevertheless I don’t want to worry my family and I know that I only want to contact my ex because he is the closest I ever had to a partner and although I’m still in love with him, he’s told me several times that he doesn’t love me anymore – it’s taken me all the strength in the world to not contact him these last few weeks and months and I can’t lose that time/strength by opening up for him to tell me he doesn’t love me again. Anyway….I get to the hospital and I’m sat in the waiting room….again, although my housemate is by my side, the sense of loneliness is overwhelming. I’m so over having to make a go at life on my own, what’s this all about ? The amount of times I have been in hospital alone, I should be used to it. What I would give to have a partner here, a support mechanism, someone to just squeeze my hand or even a hug….it would give me so much strength but instead I have to find the strength alone, again. Anyway I went to see the doctors and nurses and they did some tests and an ECG and luckily it was nothing to do with my heart. Still I wanted to figure out what was happening ? Finally I saw a doctor who told me that she thinks I have severe form of acid reflux….I looked at her and said, ‘so basically you’re telling me that I have indigestion ?!’ 😂Apparently the Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), also known as acid reflux, is a long term condition where stomach contents come back up into the esophagus resulting in either symptoms or complications. It is due to poor closure of the lower esophageal sphincter (the junction between the stomach and the esophagus). Symptoms, can vary with the degree of severity from heartburn, through to severe pain In the chest, bad taste in mouth, sore throat and ulcers. Treatments depend on the severity which can include lifestyle changes, medication and if necessary surgery. The doctor gave me Meds and suggested I rethink my lifestyle/diet and go to see a GP if the pain doesn’t subside.
I must say that until having this, I wouldn’t have very imagined how painful it is. I am very worried because even now, 5 days later, I still have the pain in my chest, can’t take full breaths but have developed a very sore throat and ulcers in my mouth and tongue. I know you shouldn’t Google symptoms when you’re ill but it’s hard not to. I need to call my doctor first thing on Monday and try to get an emergency appointment.

3) Trump was officially inaugurated on Friday. The last year in politics has been one of the most interesting of my generation. Personally I feel that much of my generation prior to this last year had a real apathy with politics and decisions in general. They was no passion and a real sense of indifference. When you stop caring and there is mass indifference, then you leave a gap in place for a motivated minority to hack into and open and then one day you’re engulfed by it. This is where we are. Many of these political changes, including ‘Brexit’ and the election of President Trump, are examples of where this has happened. People on one side didn’t care enough and people on the other did and were extremely passionate for their views. Both won through the relevant democratic systems in place. It’s only been in this year, when I have seen these changes with my own eyes that I am motivated in myself. The truth is, no matter how inappropriate I am as a person and how inappropriate my sense of humour is (aka my reference to my Mexican housemate as ‘the help’) I feel like I know right from wrong. The reason I’m so motivated to change things now is because it’s not ok for the most powerful people in the world to preach words of division and inequality in a way which normalises it to society. Sometimes I imagine there are similarities with Nazi Germany in terms of the propaganda that is used to brainwash the most vulnerable in society. I’m angry that our generations indifference has given a platform to these extremist groups. We have to take some responsibility. On Saturday 19th January there was a Woman’s March, held around major cities across the world. An opportunity for women and of course men, to stand in solidarity and send a message to the powers that be that inequality on any level is not tolerated. For me, it was also an opportunity to show that we are all aware that we didn’t quite do enough and now that we’ve lost and can see the beginning of a road to an alternative universe of sexism, racism, bigotry and every other type of inequality is utterly terrifying. Our sisters before us did not fight for our right to vote and have a voice, for us to lose it when we need it most. The march was very uplifting and it was amazing to see so many motivated men and women stood together as a peaceful mark against where we stand. For me, this wasn’t an anti-Trump march, as I’ve made clear here, he reached that post in a democratic system. He may not have had the people’s vote but in the system which our society has created, he won. For me this March was about acknowledging that we’ve let things go too far and our indifference and selfishness has led to this. We can stand together and change the world, I believe that. My friend pointed out one placard which was very telling, it said ‘it takes a lot to get me off the sofa,’ ….for me, this hits home. If we can all peel ourselves away from the Kardashians and reality tv and into the real world, we can make some change. The irony of this whole sad state of affairs is that one of the biggest reality TV shows in America is now the most powerful man in the world. I thought we were an educated generation. Our forefather and fore sisters would be so ashamed that we’ve let this happen.
So what now ? I would like to look into and research some existing parties which represent the ideals I have. I would like to put my voice forward in some way. I’m so selfish, many of us are….and it’s that sense of always looking out for number one, which has led us to not thinking through what is best for society and the world we live in. We can’t keep blaming culture and society – WE ARE CULTURE AND SOCIETY. Let’s get mobilised and make some changes….

Proud to join 100,000 women, men and a doggie in #WomensMarchLondon

Ginger Bread Man

Boy does B have an  update for you! After a draught of over 6 months, I had my first ‘bunga bunga’ of 2017!! Yay, get the party poppers and streamers out!

I was at cocktail bar near London Bridge on Saturday night having some food and drinks with a friend. Sat opposite us were three men in their early 30’s. One of the men propped his mobile up on the table in line with my vision. On the screen there was a picture of a girl who looked very similar to me. I smiled and said ‘I’m sorry, but I’m not Lisa.’ Lisa was on a dating site and  had matched with the ginger one of the three men on his dating app. Thanks to Lisa however, whoever she was, the men joined us at our table.

So after deep throating bottles, seeing who could hold a squat for the longest and playing ‘Snog, Marry or Kill’, it was suddenly 1pm. We all then moved on to a dodgy club for some dancing and late night pool. Long story short, Mr Ginger who turned out to be a City Trader and world Pro Sailor, ended up coming back to B’s Boudoir….

As much as I like being thrown about by a strong man, it hurt. Should I just lay there and take it or say something? SAY SOMETHING of course! After almost feeling like I was going to be split into two, and the ordeal never ending, I suggested to perhaps resume our activities in the morning. I would suggest that for the sake of both parties who are ever in such a tired and drunken state, one of you should always propose to reconvene in the morning (and which in my opinion, is the best time for a little bunga bunga!!. Perhaps this could be the subject of my next post?)

After an enjoyable morning with lots of kisses and cuddles, Mr Ginger was getting ready to leave at about 11am. Now, we were clearly attracted to each other and it hadn’t been too awkward in the morning BUT the question going through my mind was, ‘is he going to ask for my number??’  ‘What would he think if I asked for his?’ The straight forward thing to have done in this situation would have been to ask Mr Ginger whether he would like for us to see each other again. Did I do this? No. I went down the play it cool route instead and really this was only because of the fear of rejection. I protected my feelings by convincing myself that if he didn’t ask for my number then he wasn’t worth pursuing anyway. You will be pleased to know that he did ask for my number and sent me some pictures from our evening.

So there you have it,  B’s first physical encounter of 2017. It will be interesting to see where this seemingly positive experience will lead, if anywhere.


Thank you ‘Lisa’.

Give it a chance they say

Whilst I was sat waiting for my train to depart from London to Leeds just before the Christmas break, I decided in my festive spirit to wish ALL of my Tinder matches a Merry Christmas. Out of my 16 matches, I received…. 1 response. I think they must have known it was a generic message. I got chatting to Michael who is 30 and a Cypriot living in London. In my mind I was thinking, ‘great, I now have somebody to message over the holiday period for when I get bored.’ Our chat was general and Michael seemed like a nice decent guy. Our conversation continued over the holidays but I must admit that after Michael sent me some pictures of himself (not naked, by the way) I decided I wasn’t attracted to him.  By this time however, Michael was already excited to meet me in person in London. My instinct told me that he already had wedding bells in his ears.

Nevertheless, I accepted an invitation from Michael to go for a drink on a Friday evening; I mean what else was I doing at the beginning of January? I can genuinely say that it felt like a chore to go and meet him. I wasn’t excited or nervous or any of those other feelings you have when you know you really like somebody. I was eventually persuaded by my friends and colleagues to give him a chance.

Just as I thought, eager Michael sent a text 10 mins before our date slyly turning what was supposed to be a quick drink into dinner. On first appearances, I knew straight away that I didn’t fancy him. I knew that dinner meant that I now had to spend an hour with him at least.

Michael asked the waiter to seat us in a cosy, candle lit area of the restaurant. At this point I turned into an ungrateful bitch and rolled my eyes. Throughout dinner I was however pleasant and my bubbly self. The conversation flowed but I was conscious of not giving out the wrong signals. For instance, I avoided Michael’s gooey gazes across the table at me and batted away all 100 of his compliments. At one point I even accidently spat out my food and to which Michael responded, ‘you are so cute B’. Could I do no wrong in this man’s eyes? Also, it turned out that Michael was a site engineer and not a civil engineer as he had told me over our text messages.

Michael paid for the meal and out of guilt of knowing I would never see him again, I agreed to going for a drink at a nearby cocktail bar where he had reserved a table. This was on a condition set by me that I would buy the drinks. Whilst walking to the bar, I suddenly felt an arm around me and a wet kiss on my cheek!! I hated it! At this point I should have really called it a night but didn’t have the heart to upset Michael.

At the bar, Michael asked whether he could see me the next day, or on Sunday or whichever day I was next free. He also asked me if he could give me a kiss. It was all a bit full on but I managed to avoid the proposals. I felt for Michael at first but then I reminded myself that I wasn’t there to make him feel better and nor was it fair for him to put me in such an awkward position.  At 10:00pm I knew I now had to make my get away for sure.

Moral of the story, trust your instincts and don’t waste only your own time but also that of others. Also, best to let somebody down asap before raising their hopes and hurting them. However, it’s quite important to bear in mind that those signing up to the dating game are fully aware of the highs and let downs they are putting themselves up for…all in the search for love.

Dating with no expectations…

I used to love going on dates. You would swipe right on someone you are attracted to (who obviously had an age and education level which fits into your classist ideals); you would match; you would start chatting and you would realise this guy had some exceptional banter. You would move the conversation to ‘WhatsApp’ and the texts would become more frequent and more insightful and even more banterish. Everytime you check your phone you would hope to see a message from him and it would make you smile. Soon he would suggest meeting up…and then you get ready for date night. You would have a killer outfit prepared (even if it was a casual drink, you would want to look your sharper version of ‘casual’ which would involve some serious prep!) You would try not to overthink it but deep down you were super excited that you were meeting someone where the initial pre date spark felt special. You would re visit all his photos and perhaps engage in some online stalking. And then the date. I had one of these dates that lead to a one year relationship with someone who I thought was the man of my dreams but….here I am, still swiping! I’ve had several others where I have had a great date and then they have ‘peaced out on me.’ Yes, I could have contacted them but I’m very traditional and believe it is always up to the man to be the first to get back in touch after a date, even if it’s the obligatory but much appreciated ‘did you get home ok?.’

Moving on….I’ve been on a lot of dates where I have tried hard to have no expectation. I also have been on dates where I am giving them a chance albeit having no real interest. My philosophy on dating has become to ensure that I take at least something from each date – a new viewpoint from the person, some insight to reflect on. The human mind is a dark deep ocean of thought and I’m fascinated with that. Even when I’m having the worst date ever….which has happened a few times, I try to turn the interaction into some sort of sociology experiment where I ask questions to tap into their psyche. I just want to learn something from each interaction as the bare minimum.

I have a date today. I’m not very attracted to this guy and he seems kind of ‘wet.’ He’s a bit older at 37 but he doesn’t live with his parents which in my recent swiping past is a plus. His texts remind me of texts from my parents, I.e still figuring out what the medium is used for and starting to use emojis, which is very cringe. So why am I going on a date ? Well it’s something to do on a Sunday. Furthermore there have been little glimmers of home from our interactions. 1) He lived in NYC for a few months for work – I lived there for a few years for work and that time was unquestionably the best in my life to date. He must have something about him to have lived there ? 2) He loves live music – I love live music. Two of my favourite cities of all time are New Orleans and Nashville. I am also know for seeking out amazing music spots across London. One of my favourites was Live Lounge which was in the basement of an Italian restaurant called Sopranos on High St Ken. It’s since closed its doors but I’ve found a few more. 3) I’m Hindu but I love a good steak – as discussed before my family are very open and don’t define religion by what you eat. My belief is that religion is very much your own interpretation and just a moral compass to reflect on. My true religion these days comes from my parents, in that they are my go-to people for any advice and blessings. Anyway I love a good steak, in fact one of my favourite meals is quality medium rare steak, creamed spinach and a glass of red wine. This guy is also Indian and Hindu (I do not exclusively date Indian/Hindu but the romanticised part of me thinks it would be nice to in order to really understand each other and life experiences)…but he eats steak too 🙂 4) He has also described himself as a coconut, which I think we have established that I am.

So as you can see there are some commanalities there. But….am I excited ? Not at all. I’m just not attracted to him in his photos and the pre date messaging has been standard at best. I’ve also been talking to several other people simultaneously- again, very frequent in our generation to have backups available for mini ego boosts if dates do not work out. Awful really. The irony is, although I’m not excited and have zero expectations….I don’t see that as a bad thing because I can only be pleasantly surprised. If I’m not, then this will not be the first time that I’ve take a free lunch and ‘peaced out.’

Oh and for those of you who think I’m abusing a guy for a free lunch on a first date. No. Let me explain my philosophy on this. I do not like the idea of a guy paying for a woman in life in general. However, the first date, I expect the man to pay and not to split – obviously i do the obligatory offer but if it’s accepted I actually pay the entire bill and write them off in my head. That’s the truth. If the first date goes to plans and we get to a second date then I will pay for the entire bill. Every date after that we take it in turns. Where does this comes from? I want a gentlemen who has an established career and can if need be, look after his wife and family. The first date is the first assessment of that. He puts his foot forward and shows he is the provider and protector. As an independent woman I would then contribute equally moving forward. Nevertheless I am not a fan of splitting bills with dates and other halves – I just find it tacky. Anyway enough about that!

I will update you when I am back on how the date goes…..

Another 30 odd year old living with the folks…

What is it with grown ass men living at home with their mothers ?! Sorry it’s NOT acceptable for a 37 year old to be living at home (unless in specific circumstances.) Get a job, get a place and get your shit together. (Maybe I’m just jealous that he’s not paying rent and evidently not having sex…..whereas I’m also not having sex but still paying rent…maybe he’s just super smart.) 😂 

I know I seem harsh but it’s a huge put off. There are some circumstances where it is totally understandable and respected such as a parents failing health or assisting with family resource constraints/ money issues. However, beyond this it is not something I am willing to tolerate. Why ? 1) I think it sets the tone and precedence for a man to allow his mother to have a larger say than necessary in future relationships; 2) I think the man is more likely to compare his mother and his partner….where in actual fact they are very different elements to your world; 3) it concerns me that the man is not independent enough to provide and care for a future family in a patriarchal society. 

I have limits and there are some I will not compromise on. 

Am I being uber harsh here ? 

‘C’ cuts it close to the bone…

Name: ‘C’ (I have a very English name, especially for an Indian bird (oh, maybe a good time to point out I’m a Northerner….not quite Janice Battersby, but after a few vinos….it’s a close call) Kind of makes sense when I tell you that my folks are known as ‘Sue and Kev’…:) #coconut

Age: Fucking old. 33.

Career/Profession/Job: ‘Investment Banker’….I actually work for a brokerage (basically a middle man) which thinks it is a well-known Top Tier bank but in reality it is more like it’s  retarded cousin. I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.

Living Situation: I live in a huge council block but it is the ‘penthouse’ with killer views! I live with a Mexican friend who I’ve known for years. For obvious reasons, I refer to her as ‘the help.’ She’s cool (when she’s done my washing and not talking my ear off.) Our neighbours also fulfil every single stereotype. Opposite to us is a closet gay guy – he’s a big muscular black guy who is often caught sneaking small Eastern European men into his room late at night. To the right of him is the local narcotics dealer and finally next to us is ‘Dave’ who I see posing as a homeless guy every single day on London Bridge. Entrepreneurial. Sometimes the lift in my building seems waaaaay too small. Anyway, nowhere else in the U.K. Is it acceptable to be 33 and living with housemates. So, I’m one of the lucky few who’s’ family owns property in London and after years of being an ‘independent woman’ who doesn’t need help…it turns out I do. Looking forward to moving in very soon!

Dating History: I will preface this by saying that you don’t get to 33, have some life experience and not have a history. So, in the spirit of being unfiltered, here it goes. Several sexual encounters (my number is around 10 – so not small but not SLAG status….by northern standards) and 5 or 6 serious BFs. One was a several year long relationship with a married man and ended when he cheated on me with another girl from work (the irony.) My latest one was someone I met on Tinder….after multiple other dates, my date with him made the others pale in comparison and we had a one year long relationship with huge highs and huge lows….I later learnt that the huge highs were not of the natural variety. Very difficult being an emotional punchbag for someone with his own addictions and demons. It’s been a hard year to try to get over him and I’m making small steps.

Biggest Fear: Losing either of my parents. I’m very close to my family. Yes, I argue with them a lot because I am a ‘know it all’ millennial (33 just makes that bracket) but deep down they are the people that I adore and respect the most. Another fear is that ‘this is it’….me, alone, moving on from one life project to the next – trying to plug the hole in me.

Biggest Regret: Many people say everything in life happens for a reason. My own perspective is sometimes we just fuck up and make mistakes. We need to accept that and change what we can instead of focusing on the things we can’t change – it’s taken me a long time to accept this. I have lots of regrets. One is leaving amazing careers for greener grass which turned out to be a dead patch with no growth. Another regret is making the man the centre of my world in any relationship, bottom line is, you lose YOU!

Most thankful for: My family, my friends, music and comedy.

What I’m looking for: A partner in life. Someone to be excited to go home for instead of the empty feeling of going home alone. Someone to build a life with. Have a family together. Make mistakes, struggle. Enjoy the simple pleasures. Cuddle on the sofa and veg out (or preferably ‘chicken wing’ out.)

Favourite sexual encounter: There’s been a lot. However, which one sticks in my mind and makes me giggle ?! So, a decade ago I was on an eve out oop north ….and I had an encounter with two scallies wearing a pink velour tracksuit. Long story short, my gobby mouth found its way to being smashed by these ‘ladies’ and as a result I lost a tooth (traumatic)..so I had a denture made (the single thing is looking more understandable eh?!)…Ok fast forward several years to me having a passionate encounter in a ‘Travel Lodge’ with some absolute fitty! As I try to turn my sex appeal up to 100 (acting out the scenes I’d watched a dozen times before on porn sites) I proceeded to dazzle his sizeable knob with my excellent tongue skills…he was loving it, making all the right noises, and then all of a sudden, mid mouthful…I hear a ‘click’ and my bloody denture falls out…I delicately try to place it back in my mouth with my tongue but he’s seen it…and he knows that I’ve seen him see it…and soon enough his Donkey Kong assets have shrank to a dried up cocktail sausage. Usually I’m not one to say no to a cocktail sausage but unfortunately, I lost my appetite on that occasion.

Well there you have it. A 101 introduction to ‘ C.’ If you are sat their stunned by what you have read….then, you’re welcome! LOL. This is me, unfiltered and completely uninhibited. I really hope that this is totally anonymous….or I’m in deep trouble.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out ‘B’s’ profile, you can do that here. Please note, she refers to herself as a ‘hot shot corporate lawyer’….what a douche. I will never let her live that down.

A brief encounter with ‘B’

First things first, let me make a correction to the introduction to the blog, I am actually 29 and still have at least 2 months until I turn 30. As much as I am trying to reflect on my lifetime achievements so far (qualifying as a hot shot corporate lawyer in the City , running the London Marathon last year, facing my fears of heights and deep water by Sky Diving in Sydney and Scuba Diving in Thailand respectively) I can’t help but think ‘I’m turning 30 and I’m STILL single!!’

So, a little more about me. I’m originally from up North, Leeds and moved away from my loving family 3 years ago to London. I still have my charming Yorkshire accent too! As mentioned above, I’ve been qualified as an associate lawyer for 3 years and work for an incredibly interesting firm where I have met Princes and individuals who I am never allowed to talk about otherwise I will get shot. I have a great work/life balance and therefore there is no excuse for not meeting anybody special! My main past time revolves around keeping fit and I manage to fit in back to back gym classes 5 times a week. I know exactly what you’re thinking ‘she’s intelligent AND fit!’ I’ve got a great set of friends in London and would describe myself as sociable, caring and confident.

As for my most recent past relationships, I had a long term, long distance relationship for 4 years; a bit of dating for 2 years (whilst still fannying around with the ex-boyfriend… who in turn had a new girlfriend!!) and then a weird 6 month relationship with a guy from ‘Bumble’ who was perfect except for the fact that he didn’t want to touch me! The platonic status didn’t sit very well with me and so 6 months later here I am uploading my Colombia bikini shots on Tinder to test whether that may get me more ‘Super Likes!’

I look forward to going on this journey together and who knows, we may encounter Love at First Swipe…

Introducing….Swiping For Love

Welcome, to the dark & hilarious world of 3 friends’ dating blog.
Join us as we navigate the world of work, life & online dating….with a little introspection thrown in for good measure.

We decided to document our dating minefield during one of our weekly ‘cauldron night’ hang outs. If this conjures up images of three witches dancing around a bubbling pot of bat-wing stew with raucous cackling, then you’ve nailed it (just replace the bat-wing stew with Dominos 2 4 Tuesdays!)

Everyday we call and message each other and share our hilarious dating and life crises with one another on our mission to try to make sense of the world around us. This blog offers a rare insight into our unfiltered conversations and the experiences of three singletons in their 30s. Expect lots of WhatsApp screen shots, occasional deep dive posts and a lots of political incorrectness…..WARNING this is not for those that are sensitive or easily offended! We hope this makes you laugh, smile and sometimes pause for reflection.

We look forward to hearing your comments! Happy swiping 🙂

With love,
The Cauldron Ladies x

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